Before creating virtual machine, one must create a server pool. Creation of the server pool can be found on my blog via this post or search via my blog  for “Creating a Server Pool via Oracle VM Manager”.

The steps on creating a Virtual Machine are as follows:

1. Select the ‘Virtual Machines’ tab and click ‘Create Virtual Machine’ located on the right corner.

2. Select the appropriate creation method to be used to create your virtual machines. For the purposes of this blog, we will be selecting the ‘Create from installation media’ radio button and click Next.

3. Select the appropriate Server Pool to be used and modify the ‘Preferred Server’ section from Auto to Manual if this particular virtual machine needs to run on a particular server located within your server pool. If not, please leave Auto as the default and click Next.
NOTE: Changing from Auto to Manual will disable high availability for that particular virtual machine, not recommended.

4. Select the appropriate virtualization method for your particular VM. Within our best practice configuration we used the Paravirtualized virtualization method for optimal performance.
NOTE: When using the ‘Fully Virtualized’ method, you must first register and activate your ISO Files located under the Resources -> ISO Files section. The ISO files can be registered using an external source such as HTTP server or you can copy each of your ISO files to the /OVS/iso_pool/<name_of_iso_dir>/ and select the appropriate server pool to discover and register these ISO files.
NOTE: When using the ‘Paravirtualized’ method, please make sure to extract all of the files found within your OS distribution ISOs and place them within your HTTP or FTP server.

5. Enter the virtual machine information with the specifications required for your particular VM and click Next.

6. Verify that the information is correct and click Finish.