Ever try and startup a virtual machine and got the following xc_dom_do_gunzip error?

Start - /OVS/running_pool/30_owi2
PowerOn Failed : Result - failed:failed: Error: (1, 'Internal error', 'xc_dom_do_gunzip: inflate failed (rc=-5)\n')>

File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/OVSXXenVM.py", line 57, in xen_start_vm
File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/OVSCommons.py", line 85, in run_cmd
raise Exception('%s => %s' % (cmdlist, p.childerr.read()))>

File "/opt/ovs-agent-2.3/OVSSiteVM.py", line 131, in start_vm
raise e

A colleague of mine ran into this issue a few days ago, and I decided to post about what was causing the problem. At first glance, I thought it had to deal with xen memory ballooning in the OVM environment (since it mentioned the word inflate), but I was wrong. The root cause of the problem is that the root directory “/” under /dev/sda2 (default OVM storage layout) was full. Since the root directory diskspace was at capacity it wasn’t able to start up the VM.

The fix is to free up some space from your root directory in order to get rid of the problem. While the solution is an easy one, it can be tricky to see how your root directory could cause your VM not to start since all your VM files are located in the /OVS directory. For that reason, I decided to post about it anyway since the error message is not very clear on what could be causing the problem.

Hope this helps someone out and feel free to comment! 🙂