At times debugging certain Oracle VM or Oracle VM Manager related issues is quite challenging. In today’s article I’d like to discuss the different log locations to better assist those in trying to solve a particular issue.

I will start off by discussing the Oracle VM Manager 2.2. The Oracle VM Manager has three main log files all located under the /var/log/ovm-manager directory. These files are the db.log, oc4j.log, and the ovm-manager.log

db.log – The db.log is the Oracle Database installation log file generated when Oracle VM Manager is being installed with an existing database.

oc4j.log – Oracle Containers for J2EE (OC4J) is used by Oracle to provide a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) environment. This log will provide any information related to the oc4j environment.

ovm-manager.log – is simply the Oracle VM Manager installation log. If you run into issues during installation, this would be the first place to look.

After discussing the logs found in the Oracle VM Manager 2.2, I’d like to discuss the different logs that can be used for debugging found in the Oracle VM Server itself. Within Oracle VM Server 2.2 you can use the following log files to help in solving your issue.

Under the /var/log/xen there are two types of logs to keep an eye out for, the xend.log and the xend-debug.log. When experiencing issues with your xen environment this would be a good place to start looking for what might be causing your problem. The xend.log and xend-debug.log both report information about the xen daemon running on the Oracle VM Server.

When experiencing issues with the Oracle Virtual Server Agent (OVS Agent) all the logs can be found under the directory /var/log/ovs-agent. Under this directory you will find four important log files to be aware of. They are ovs_operation.log, ovs_performance.log, ovs_query.log, and ovs_root.log. From my experience when having issues between the Oracle VM Manager and the Oracle VM Server I have found the ovs_operation.log to be helpful in finding out what is causing the issue.

ovs_operation.log – Operations that are sent via the OVS agent can be found here. For instance when you make a request on the OVM Manager side such as starting a VM, you should see that information reported in the ovs_operation.log

ovs_performance.log – OVS performance monitoring log

ovs_query.log – OVS query log

ovs_root.log – displays information about your running OVS server. For instance if you shutdown your OVS agent and restart your agent on the system, it will be reported in this log.

Hope you enjoyed the article and hope it helps in solving any OVM related issues you may encounter.