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One of the tougher aspects of Oracle VM is deciphering how to debug errors found in the logs within the Oracle VM Manager. Today I’d like to discuss an issue I’ve come across when trying to create a server pool within the Oracle VM Manager. The bug specifically consisted of my Oracle VM Manager not correctly entering the proper IP information within the /etc/hosts file of my Oracle VM Server host.



Creation of virtual machines is the most elemental function you will use within your Oracle VM Manager. However, in order to create virtual machines, a server pool must be created  to host your virtual machines. A server pool can be thought of as a container in which to hold one or more physical servers. Once a server pool is created, virtual machines can be hosted by one of the physical servers within the server pool. Virtual Machines by default are hosted in a round-robin fashion making sure the servers within your pool are properly load balanced. However, if there is a particular need for a VM to be hosted on a particular server within your server pool you can manually set this feature using the ‘Preferred Server’ section when creating a virtual machine. Manually assigning a VM to a particular server is not recommended because you will lose high availability.

The steps to create a Server Pool are as follows: